Monday, December 1, 2008

Environmental Stewardship Field, Social Responsibility Category

Emcee: Debra Poneman

Next we are proud to have a representative from the Chicago Cubs to help us inaugurate our National Green Teams program because the Chicago Cubs are more than just a sports team. Their community efforts reflect an ongoing partnership between the Cubs and the people of Chicago.

The Cubs support of Cubs Care, a fund of the McCormick Foundation, has resulted in grants totaling more than $13 million since 1991--including more than $1 million in each of the last six years--to support programs for youth sports, children with special needs, victims of domestic violence and to help social service agencies in the Lakeview community.

Cubs Care grants support a number of organizations committed to bringing quality sports programming to Chicago youth. Each year, more than 13,000 children and young adults participate in sports programs supported by Cubs Care grants. Programs that have received funding from Cubs Care include: Rookie League, Inner City Youth Baseball and Reviving Baseball in the Inner Cities (RBI).

Dani Holmes is the Media Relations Coordinator of the Chicago Cubs. This Boston native has previously worked with the Boston Red Sox and San Francisco Giants.